What Wine Goes With Lasagna?

What Wine Goes With Lasagna

What wine goes with lasagna? This is a common question among those who are learning to make the Mostaccioli diet lasagna. For decades, the standard answer was white wine. However, new research indicates that while white wines can indeed be used to cook this thin layer of lasagna, it would be best if you leave the white wine to the side and opt for a good red wine instead.


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Why would this be better? Simply because red wine has more flavor than white wines, which means that it would be more noticeable when the food is cooked. Red wines also have a higher alcohol content than white wines, which can also give lasagna that slightly bitter taste. You may not notice the difference between these two in a glass, but if you pair them side by side, they will definitely have an impact on your lasagna.

If you would like to add some red to your lasagna, choose a bottle of Sangiovese with a dry red label. This style of red is made specifically for cooking lasagna, and it will add a lot of flavor. If you don’t want to use red, however, you can still cook up some delicious pasta by using a bottle of Italian red.

If you are having it at home, try one of the many Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wines. This particular grape is grown all over the world and is used to make a great many different kinds of wines. One such wine is Sangiovese, which you will likely recognize from the labels on the bottles. This specific grape is grown primarily in the Campania region, which borders Italy on its northern coast. Since it is so popular, you can purchase this wine quite easily, making it a great addition to what wine goes with lasagna.

Another ingredient you will find useful when preparing lasagna is cream. You may either purchase or make your own, but you can also use sour cream or yogurt to add it. Just blend the two together until they become smooth. You can also use whole milk if you do not like to create your own dairy products. Using a bit of oil also works well. It is best to use a natural vegetable oil, since those usually have a stronger flavor.

Pasta is a key component of what wine goes with lasagna. Therefore, you should also include it when making your sauce. For a traditional tomato-based sauce, try using a store-bought creamy sauce. You can even substitute that with a creamy garlic sauce, which is less expensive. You may even consider adding shredded carrots or finely chopped spinach to the end of your lasagna noodles to complete the look and flavor.

When you are looking at what wine goes with lasagna, remember that red is probably the best choice for this meal. Red wines offer a rich flavor, and many people prefer them. However, white wines are also available, and they are very pleasant to drink. The only problem is that they do not hold the same depth of flavor as red wines. You can use them in recipes with other types of wines, but it would be a matter of personal preference.

The fourth thing that you will need is a pasta maker. This is an especially important step if you make your own pasta, because it allows you to create the most pleasing dish possible. Many people opt for lasagna noodles because they are large enough, but you can always buy them from the store. If you do buy them, then you can choose to have the noodles with or without extra ingredients, although you may want them to be completely pureed. By following these simple steps, you will be creating an excellent lasagna that your entire family will enjoy.

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